ALL-IN-ONE solar Street Lights

Solar Powered street lighting is the modern solution to both municipal and private estates, though the lights have many other applications including factory yards, car parks and school compounds where night time illumination is required for vision or security. 
The reliable LED lamps are highly efficient using about 5% of the power of traditional incandescent alternatives as well as offering greatly extended life due to the much reduced operating temperatures. Recognising these benefits Dayliff Solar street lights are available in Modular and All-in-One configurations and are specially engineered to provide a reliable, effective and long life lighting solutions. 

All-in-One units incorporate all components of the lighting system including lamp, PV module, battery and controller into one complete assembly that provides many advantages in terms of simplicity of installation, reliability and security.

The assembly includes:

  • A high brightness, high luminous LED lamp.
  • Class A mono crystalline PV module.
  • 2V Lithium battery with extended life.
  • Intelligent multi-function controller that provides compact regulation and automatic lamp switching at dusk and dawn.
  • The unit is mounted on a 6m high x 2½” galvanised steel pole to which the lamp assembly is simply bolted.
Puissance de la lampe: 40W

Lumens: > 4200
Controleur: 10A
Paneau PV: 60W
Batterie: 40AH

Lamp Power: 40W
Lumens: > 6000
Controleur: 10A
Paneau PV: 90W
Batterie: 60AH