Turn your roof into a source of electrical energy

Everything is here to free you from power worries: solar panels, batteries, inverters, cables and the Panaco expertise.


The heart of all effective photovoltaic systems is an efficient and reliable solar module. All are sourced from global PV module leaders who comply with the highest standards of quality and durability.


CHLORIDE EXIDE solar batteries are perfect for storing the electrical energy provided by your solar panels. Their assets: Deep cycle application. Fast recovery from deep recharge. Extended cycle life. Fast recharge capability. Excellent charge retention. For industrial installations, the GasTon Batteries brand offers a range of powerful batteries from 200 to 3000Ah using DIN 40742 Tubular & Gel electrolyte technologies that offers a long float life and high cycle life.


OPTI is a world leading supplier of inverter systems with a wide international presence and a reputation for quality and technology. Their extensive experience and expertise in power protection make OPTI inverters the ideal solution to all power and solar applications. 


Neelkanth and Zamefa are manufacturers producting cable in Zambia. The quality and durability of their products are recognized internationally. 


Before installing your complete solar energy system, PANACO will carry out a technical study of your needs and the sunshine you have. You'll be assured of sufficient capacity to avoid overloading your solar system.