Batteries for solar energy



  • Deep cycle application.
  • Fast recovery from deep recharge.
  • Extended cycle life.
  • Fast recharge capability.
  • Excellent charge retention.
  • International size.
  • Free from orientation constraints.
  • Eco – friendly.




GTS range

In accordance with DIN 40742 (valve-regulated OpzV single cells) and utilizing Tubular & Gel electrolyte technologies, GTS-G range offers a long float life and high cycle life. The cels can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on requirements.

  • Nominal Capacity : GTS-200 (10h) (Ah) : 200 up to GTS-3000 (10h) (Ah) : 3000
  • Features : Capacity from 200Ah to 3000Ah. 15 year design life. No water addition required. 900 cycles to 80% DOD.
  • Applications: Telecommunication-central office. UPS. Photovoltataic & Alternative Energy System. Emergency Power System.

GTF range 

In accordance with DIN (OpzS) standard, GTF range is flooded battery with tubular plate technology, and its service life is more than 20 years.

  • Nominal Capacity : GTF-200 (10h) (Ah) : 200 up to GTF-3000 (10h) (Ah) : 3000
  • Applications : Power Plant & Hydropower Station. Photovoltaic & Solar System. Telecommunication