Electric heater for swimming pool 9kw mono or three-phase PSA red line 9

Ideal for swimming pools in Katanga!

  • The electric heater is the product suitable for heating your pool.
    A Redline PSA electric heater consists of a polyamide tube and an electric heater.
    The water heats up in contact with the resistance while passing through the tube.

When and how to use electric heaters?

  • Heating outdoor pools, indoor and spas.

Advantages of PSA electric heaters

  • Recognized reliability.
  • The PSA polyamide titanium combination, unique in the world, ensures total resistance to corrosion.
  • Installation: By a Panaco professional.
  • Simple to use: Program your electric heater at 28 ° C and enjoy …
    – Temperature rise: 2 to 5 days.
    – When warming up: put the filtration continuously.
    – When the desired temperature is reached, switch to the automatic position.

Technical characteristics:

  • Right electric heater equipped with special pool.
  • Power: 9 KW
  • Possibility to connect it, either in single-phase, or in three-phase:
  • In single phase:
    – Voltage: 230 V
    – Intensity: 40 A
    – Power cable section: 3×10 mm²
  • In three phase:
    – Voltage: 400 V
    – Intensity: 13 A
    – Power cable section: 5×4 mm²
  • Hydraulic connection: 1/2 Unions PVC Ø 63 + reduction Ø 50
  • Mini flow: 5 m3 / h
  • Max flow: 30 m3 / h Anti-corrosion titanium immersion heater.
  • Injected body made of filled polyamide glass.
  • Fully equipped and pre-wired device with digital control thermostat, with M / A timer LED, safety thermostat 63ºC, power contactor and flow controller.
  • No control box to add or enslavement to achieve.
  • Power supply with protection by a 30 mA differential circuit breaker at the head end recommended (not supplied).