BBC Cellpack Electrical Products develops and manufacture cable connecting systems and accessories for low- and medium voltages up to 42 kV. As a reliable partner of energy supply and energy distribution companies, delivering to retail, wholesale and industry, our world- renowned high material and product quality ensures the supply performance in the distribution grid.

  1. Garniture de Basse Tension.
  2. Low voltage cable accessories
  3. Medium voltage cable accessories
  4. Heat shrink products : Heat shrink tubes. Moulded parts
  5. Suitable for Connection technique: Connectors. Cable lugs. Branch-off clamps / Branch-off ring connectors. Adapter / Earthing components
  6. Tapes : Insulating, bundling, Special applications. Heating tapes and accessories. Warning tapes
  7. Accessories: Cast-resins. Injection technique. Cable ties. Tools. Chemical products. Splice cassette system. Sealing systems. Miscellaneous.